About us

Intelligent innovation through frugality and adaption underpins our essence.

Jugaad is an entrepreneurial community that collaborates to form an ever-advancing portfolio of low-risk startups.

Our student interns create and lead projects of actionable solutions. Through this, Jugaad tackles large global challenges. Interns are guided through 3 key stages of Jugaad project management: ideation, implementation, and improvement.

We entrepreneurs seize the opportunity in adversity.

We innovators seek efficiency in the complex.

We at Jugaad invent out of necessity.  


Strategising solutions to unlock efficiencies


Collaborating with prospective beneficiaries to take selected ideas into fruition


Mitigating weaknesses and maximizing strengths
A flexible approach to problem-solving that uses limited resources in an innovative way

Join the team

Our team consists of young and enthusiastic people who are not afraid to take the responsibility of fulfilling their dreams!

We started with a team of three people but as our business grew, so did our team.

Jugaad currently has multiple internship & job vacancies.

We are looking for optimistic, funny and pleasant people to join us.

If you want to become part of our team, just leave your request in the feedback form and our manager will contact you in shortly.

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Kishan Patel


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