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An entrepreneurial community that collaborates to form an ever-expanding portfolio of low-risk startups

Our Mission Statement

Building Successful Change in India by placing Students at the centre of the next Innovation Revolution

Global Impact

Our projects are carefully chosen to maximise global benefit

Eureka Moments

Jugaad creates long-lasting positive change in the lives of as many people as we can reach

Student Development

We provide our innovators an unparalleled entrepreneurial experience

Making an Impact Across the Globe

Jugaad is the flexible approach to problem-solving that uses limited resources innovatively; our teams utilise Jugaad in three key stages to develop actionable solutions to global challenges.


We coordinate our teams of innovators, who are placed all over the world, from our London HQ office

Multidisciplinary Teams enable diverse start-ups

We choose applicants based on their drive and ability to learn. This enables us to take on a wider range of projects and so deliver progress wherever it is needed most.

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Kishan Patel


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